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Host Ejay Cruz sits down with friends and other amazing individuals who share their story and everything leading up to where they are today and their success. In addition to his guest appearances, Ejay also shares his thoughts and perspective various topics in relation to his personal life and current events. Through these discussions, conversations, and sharing of stories, Ejay hopes for the audience to gain a message, lessons, morals, wisdom, and/or knowledge.

latest episodes

Georgina Villarreal is a registered nurse turned entrepreneur. She is the founder of the community She Can Be Both and executive to the nurse start up app Holliblu.Thank you to our sponsor Podcorn: https://podcorn.comSupport the show (
Nate Sedgwick shares how he started Sourcing Mojo, a service firm that helps business owners and entrepreneurs source suppliers, factories, and products from Asia.Support the show (

066 Breaking Barriers w/ Ryan Tillman

Date: 29 January 2020, 10:00 am
Ryan Tillman is a loving family man, police officer, speaker, and the founder of Breaking Barriers United, an organization focused on not only repairing the bond between law enforcement and the public, but on youth and community through impactful workshops and mentoring programs. His work with students, parents, education professionals,...

063 Growing Through Relationships

Date: 23 January 2020, 10:00 am
One of the most beautiful things about being in a relationship is the ability to grow. Support the show (
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