I was recently invited to do a podcast by Riley Moore, Host of The Moore You Know Podcast about my journey and insights to help inspire others looking to spark change. I loved the questions and thought I’d share with you all my thoughts and perspective up to this point in my journey.

If you could go back and tell your twenty-year-old self something, what would it be?

·      Get comfortable being uncomfortable and enjoy the process. Your biggest asset is your self belief & confidence and understanding that all the trials, problems, and adversity you endure will only serve you and mold you to become that person you are trying to be in the future.

What is your best piece of advice for someone starting a podcast?

·      Take advantage ASAP and start now. Podcasting is still in its infancy and will eventually, in fact already heading towards being the most powerful distribution platform out there, more than magazines, TV, radio, maybe even going head to head with the internet.

·      Allow yourself to grow. There were plenty of times I recorded an episode only to re-record (as much as ten times one time) because I was not happy with my voice, delivering the message, and all other imperfections (that’s the perfectionist in me). Finally one day I literally said “FUCK IT,” and just recorded and published episodes that were one take. It was liberating and what I actually found was my audience loved how “authentic” my voice and conversations were in that they felt a strong connection and sense of intimacy in the episodes. It will take time, but eventually you will find your voice and be confident in your ability as a host. 

·      Stay consistent. The growth and success of your podcast relies on your time and effort. Keep those episodes coming! I try to do a podcast recording once a week with the intent to accumulate enough episodes where I can release one once a week. There should be no reason to not drop an episode every two weeks or at worst once a month. You will thank yourself of how consistent you been when your start to see and feel the impact and benefits your podcasting is making.

If you’re interested, check out my podcast THE PARABLES on Apple Podcasts.

 What are your thoughts on work-life balance, and how do you balance personal pursuits and relationships?

·      Don’t over complicate it. In my opinion you first need to recognize who and what is important to you. From there you can prioritize, plan, and design a schedule that best serves all.

·      Finding a routine or schedule can take some time, be patient.

·      Depending on how busy you are such as myself, you have to be clever with your time but still make it a priority to dedicate those precious minutes to what’s important. I do my best to “be in the moment” or “be present” where ever my time is being dedicated to during that part of the day. For instance if it’s date night, I try my best not be so attached to my phone and look at messages or emails related to my work.

How do you use momentum in your life?

·      Spend your time very wisely. There’s two things you can’t take back in life: first impressions & the obvious, time. If you can choose your time wisely and efficiently, your productivity will sky rocket. Moreover, remember productivity is as much about how you spend your time away from work, as with your work.

·      Practice the 80/20 production and consumption principle. I once heard a quote “humans aren’t meant to consume, they’re meant to create.”

What do you think the most important skill is in modern society?

·      Communication no question. Communication is the incubator for how we live, grow, adapt, and survive. Without it, nothing can be done. Remember just because someone isn’t speaking out loud doesn’t mean they aren’t communicating. That’s called non-verbal communication (ex: body language).

How can someone improve their ability to execute their vision?

·      This is an amazing question because you can look at it in so many different angles. In my opinion, taking action is massive when it comes to executing one’s vision. If you can take continuous action towards your vision, even if its only 1% progress, that vision essentially becomes clearer and clearer bringing clarity to how to execute that vision. It’s essentially a ripple effect.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

·      “Passive income is sexy.”

·      “Short term sacrifices for long term goals.”

·      “When your emotional resilience is being tested, ask yourself: “do these current emotions serve you?” “

·      “LET’S GO!”

Hope my insight adds value and contributes towards you and your goals. Feel free to contact me for any questions or comments.


-Ejay Cruz

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